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Natoorio Eco Friendly Ecommerce Platform Startup Launch



We hope everyone is well and safe and stays at home.

This is not the launch message that we had in mind to write but the fact is that we are unfortunately facing two global crises at the same time. One that has to do with the environment, a problem that becomes worse and worse every year and the Corona pandemic that is spreading rapidly around the world which originated from wild life animal consumption.

Both crises are different the fact is that there is an undeniable link between them. While Corona virus cases increase dramatically and people try to stay at home, pollution levels decrease dramatically and mother nature takes a break like she never had before.

We get to re-evaluate things that we took for granted. Health is a priority and the lifestyle that we had is not sustainable. 

Everyone is responsible for what they consume and for respecting nature and animals. Technology is here to support us work, do our shopping, connect with loved ones and reduce traveling. 

While we don't ask anyone to be perfect, we are all responsible and it is important that we educate ourselves and our children on the environment, to be respect the animals and to understand that what we consume has an impact that affects our health and our planet. You don't necessarily have to go zero waste, vegan from one day to another but you can reduce, recycle, reuse and improve. There are small companies out there that care and produce products that can help you switch and are of better quality from what you were buying. To become a vegan, there are also amazing brands that make incredible oat milk, vegan burgers, vegan cheese that we are hoping to get on Natoorio. 

Founded by women, Natoorio offers a variety of eco friendly products in all categories that will help the consumers find better alternatives and reduce the amount of plastic that they use. Being consumers ourselves we really struggled finding products in one place that are good in all aspects; quality, price, zero to low waste, vegan, ethically sourced, free from testing on animals, micro-plastics, parabens and harmful toxic ingredients. 

Our plan to launch was different and was always being postponed as due to the circumstances who would expect that we would go live during this pandemic. Several products went out of stock immediately, we were planning to do a launch event in London which we canceled, courier providers who work really hard during this time delivered things with delays, products that were mean to be on our platform were not available anymore, brands stopped working or responding as they were closing down or just had a lot of things to face based on the circumstances. 

But then, there were some brands who are still with us and others that emerged and found us, and new amazing products that were made and we got so many beautiful comments about our platform so we decided to launch Natoorio during the crisis and we are hoping that you will love our concept as much as we do.

From the founders of Natoorio

Leto & Daiana





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